Marimba Performers enjoying the outdoor and getting ready for their concert.

Make Music Chicago

All the ensembles smiling at a job well doneThe Holy Cross/IHM Marimba Ensemble kicked off their summer with a first time event. The annual Make Music Chicago, a one day music filled attraction across the city showcasing musicians, was going to cross paths with the Marimba Ensemble for the first time ever. The Holy Cross parish partnered with Rush Hour Concerts to create new music programs around the parish and help existing ones. The Marimba Ensemble was affected in the form of a spotlight in Make Music Chicago 2014. The Ensemble would be sharing the stage with the Third Coast Percussion and Sones de Mexico Ensemble. The ensemble had separate practices alongside these two ensembles to prepare for the concert on June 21st, the first day of Summer. The practices lasted for five months that included three collaborative pieces in which all three groups would take part in playing.

The event was outside of St. James Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Chicago. The ensemble was filled with excitement as they played two of their signature pieces and the collaborative pieces. One of the collaborative pieces was La Negra Tomasa, a song the ensemble plays that also has a lot of emotion for the ensemble members. Overall the concert proved to be a success and hinted a successful Summer for the Marimba Ensemble. This was the first of many events this summer for these young musicians.